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Shopping, Art And Dining In San Diego

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Eclectic and fun, Liberty Station is Point Loma's local town square filled with inspiring things to do for all ages. What was once the Naval Training Center is now a community catering to the arts and imagination of the people around them. Head to Liberty Station in San Diego for the trendiest shopping in town. Embark on a culinary trip around the world at diverse restaurants and eateries. Watch a sunset, visit a wellness center or spa, have a picnic in the grass on a sunny day, or simply sign up for an art class, as dozens of galleries make Liberty Station home. And it's all just minutes away from Humphreys Half Moon Inn.

Events & Activities 

  • Art Exhibitions
  • Kid Ventures
  • Art Walk
  • 5K Run
  • Friday Morning Full Swing Clinic
  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Art
  • Spa
  • Fitness Classes
  • Church

Before You Go

Are There Any Family Friendly Activities?

Liberty Station has no shortage of family-friendly activities, from Kid Ventures to Art Studios geared just for kids. Kid Ventures is a must-see destination for kids and adults. This boutique-style indoor family enrichment center allows kids to explore different villages and make believe towns, as it simulates a community setting designed to stretch their imaginations. While the kids are at play, parents can enjoy the yummy snacks at the Parents Café, while catching up with friends.

What Kind Of Art Galleries Are In The Area?

The Art District in Liberty Station is beyond impressive. They have galleries for every medium and genre. Some local favorites include, The Artsy Girl Studio, a mixed-media venue showcasing Monica Martin’s love for color and quotes. There is the FARM School of Art, Martha Pace Swift Gallery and John Thomas Wood Gallery, which exhibits his photographs inspired by abstract expressionist paintings. Spend a day touring all the galleries, as no two are the same.