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Plan Your Tropical San Diego Dream Wedding at Humphreys

Tying the knot this year? Congratulations! If you’re on the hunt for the ideal venue, Humphreys Half Moon Inn has you covered. Our tropical resort on picturesque Shelter Island in San Diego stands as a beacon of romance and luxury, offering couples idyllic, serene settings for dream waterfront weddings at Humphreys. As you embark on the journey of a lifetime, consider our Southern California gem as the perfect backdrop to declare “I do”, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Sunny SoCal Splendor

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San Diego is world-renowned for our year-round sunshine, and Shelter Island is one of the city’s best spots to revel in the glory of this sun-kissed haven. Imagine saying your vows with the harbor as your backdrop, a gentle breeze carrying the scent of saltwater and tropical blooms, all casting a warm and romantic glow over your special day. Humphreys captures the essence of this idyllic paradise, providing an oasis of tranquility amidst the vibrant energy of San Diego. Your wedding will be bathed in the golden light of the California sun, creating a magical atmosphere that elevates your celebration to a tropical fantasy.


Exquisite Outdoor and Tropical Garden Ceremony Sites

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One of the defining features that sets Humphreys Half Moon Inn apart as a wedding destination is our enchanting outdoor and tropical garden ceremony sites. You’ll find yourself exchanging vows surrounded by lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and the gentle rustle of palm fronds swaying in the breeze. Want to say “I Do” overlooking the shimmering waters of the harbor? We can make it real. How about surrounded by a ​​romantic garden setting of arching palms, exotic flowers and delicate waterfalls? It’s within reach. You can even opt for an intimate ceremony tucked away in a secluded corner of the property in a lush hidden-gem garden courtyard that radiates beauty. If you have a vision for your big day, our passionate and dedicated events team can help see it to fruition. You can view our variety of onsite ceremony and reception sites here.


Exceptional Elegance at Every Turn

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Beyond the breathtaking ceremony sites, Humphreys Half Moon Inn offers island grace in every aspect of your wedding. The hotel itself exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated ambiance, with its tropical-inspired architecture, swaying palm trees, and cascading water features. So once the ceremony is in the books, you can transition seamlessly from your outdoor event to our ballroom space, a versatile and elegant area that can be tailored to your unique vision. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood the room, providing panoramic views of the marina and creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. And thanks to our exceptional on-site culinary staff we’re able to cater to both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Every aspect sets the stage for a reception that reflects your personal style and taste.


Catering Excellence to Please Your Palate

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And speaking of delicious dining — memorable wedding experiences always involve not just breathtaking venues, but also perfection on a plate. Humphreys Half Moon Inn takes pride in our on-site culinary team, and for good reason. Our staff is committed to creating a gustatory greatness to complement the beauty of your special day. From delectable hors d’oeuvres to custom-designed wedding cakes, each bite is a masterpiece. Our expert chefs collaborate with couples to curate a menu that reflects their preferences, ensuring a feast that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. You can view our catering menu and wedding packages to learn more!


Plan Your 2024 Wedding with Confidence

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As you embark on the exciting journey of planning your wedding, Humphreys Half Moon Inn stands ready to turn your dreams into reality. Our experienced wedding specialists are dedicated to ensuring every detail is executed flawlessly, allowing you to relax and savor every moment of your celebration. From the initial consultation to the day-of coordination, the team at Humphreys is committed to providing unparalleled service and support. Whether you envision an intimate affair with your closest loved ones or a grand celebration with a larger guest list, this tropical haven is equipped to accommodate and exceed your expectations.



Humphreys Half Moon Inn is not just a venue; it’s a destination that promises an unforgettable wedding experience. Embrace the tropical allure, the sun-soaked landscapes, and the intimate charm that puts our waterfront gem into a class by itself. To take the first step toward staging a wedding for the ages, reach out to our events team using this handy contact form. We’ll gladly work with you every step of the way to create magic together.