A Visit to San Diego Safari Park

As a sister property to the world famous San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Safari Park in nearby Escondido offers visitors a wildlife experience not to be missed. And since the park is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, there’s never been a better time to stop by! Here’s just some of what you can look forward to when you visit. 

A Genuine Safari Experience

(Photo: @sdzsafaripark)

If you think you have to dust off your passport to go on a safari, you may want to think again. At just over 1,800 acres, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is one of the largest free-range animal habitats anywhere in the world. Visitors here enjoy a true safari as they observe over 2,600 different animals across 300 species, all thriving in an environment as close as possible to the one they would occupy in the wild. And it’s all right here! 


Timeless Escapes

So what is a safari? When you envision what it’s like, you’re probably picturing having a seat in an open-air tour vehicle as it winds its way through a savanna filled with gently-swaying grasses, and safely observing wildlife from inside. And you’d be exactly right. At the Safari Park, our expert guides deftly navigate the animal habitats, and offer a wealth of information on the incredible animal species guests are able to see. In fact, during certain excursions, guests are welcome to feed giraffes that walk right up to the vehicle! 


But That’s Not All… 

(Photo: @sdzsafaripark)

In addition to the classic safari experience, San Diego Zoo Safari Park also offers a wide variety of other ways to get up close with wildlife. How about a behind-the-scenes tour where the guides share stories of how the animals are cared for? Or a sunrise cheetah encounter where guests get a sneak peek of big cats out for their morning speed runs? The park even offers themed sleepovers so kids of any age can camp inside the park!  


Exciting Activities

(Photo: @jennifromdaablock)

The Safari Park has really pulled out all the stops when it comes to offering visitors experiences they simply can’t have anywhere else. The Conservation Carousel at the heart of the park isn’t your everyday merry-go-round. It depicts more than 60 different types of animals — many endangered — for passengers to ride on. Or, opt for a hot air balloon safari, and see the animals from a bird’s-eye view! The Petting Kraal even lets guests get up close and personal with the more docile of the park’s furry residents. And if you wish, you can even zipline over the entire park.  

Youth and Conservation Programs

(Photo: @sdzsafaripark

The Safari Park doesn’t just offer endangered animals a safe habitat. It’s actively involved in animal conservation efforts around the world to help preserve fragile ecosystems. The park also actively maintains a hands-on Conservation Corps program for young students who want to aid in these efforts. During the program, enrollees will engage in activities to help them learn about subjects like biology, public speaking, and community service.


On-Site Dining and More

(Photo: @sdzsafaripark)

Planning on spending the day? Then you’ll need to stop for refreshments. Good thing the Safari Park offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. Whether you’re grabbing a quick slice at Barking Deer Pizza, enjoying Australian-inspired fare at The Sheared Sheep, or sampling the Asian-style cookery at Thorntree Terrace, you won’t have to go hungry during your adventure. And don’t forget to stop by one of the park’s many gift and apparel shops to take home some souvenir memories of your time with the wildlife! 


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