Celebrating Little Big Moments at Humphreys

If 2020 taught us nothing else, it’s that life is precious. Every moment — no matter how big or how small — is worth celebrating. If you’ve been looking for a reason to treat yourself to a bit of a break, we can help. Here are just some of the many reasons you may want to check out of the grind and into Humphreys Half Moon Inn.


Any given calendar year has countless holidays. However, your birthday is yours and yours alone. Why not commemorate your special day by treating yourself to a break? Humphreys offers sumptuous comfort, easy access to outdoor activities (like fishing, biking and beaches), delicious dining, and even in-room massage services to make your day a special one.  


There’s no better way to celebrate your years together (or even a monthsary) than with a tranquil beachside staycation. Humphreys’ plush guest rooms are always ready to welcome you and your partner for dreamy nights and leisurely mornings. Cozy walks on the beach are just steps away. And our own Bayside Café is always on hand to offer serene dinners for two. Relax and rekindle with us! 


Honeymoon Couples in Humphreys San Diego

The “I do”s are done, the gifts have been opened, and it’s time to embark on your lives together. You and your partner deserve a romantic retreat, and Humphreys is just the place to seclude yourselves. Stroll hand-in-hand along the beachside walking path. Indulge in warm sunshine and cool sea breezes as you take in captivating views of the harbor. Take a dip in the heated pool surrounded by island-like ambience. You deserve a beautiful beginning.


Holidays in Humphreys San Diego

Special occasions are always better when shared, so Humphreys is the perfect holiday hideaway at any time of year. Thanks to San Diego’s spectacular year-round weather, we’re the ideal escape for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and other milestones that are typically marked by chillier weather elsewhere. You haven’t seen July 4th fireworks until you’ve seen them explode over the harbor. And celebrating Christmas with the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights is one of the most beautiful ways to get festive.    


You’ve put in your time, and the books have been closed on your career. Celebrate your newfound freedom by unwinding at our Shelter Island refuge! Now that you’re not putting in those nose-to-grindstone hours, you can enjoy a lot more downtime. And thanks to Humphreys’ enviable beachside location, amenities like in-room spa treatments, on-site dining, and bay-view rooms, the kickoff to your permanent vacation will be one to remember.

Any Reason at All

A wise person once said, “Never postpone joy.” We feel like those are some great words to live by. So why not find a reason of your own to celebrate with the people you love? If you’re starting a new job, we’ll host you during the gap days between your going-away party and welcome lunch. Did your best friend just move back to town? Welcome them with a fun-packed stay. Even if it’s just a normal Tuesday and you’re celebrating the beauty of life, we’ll let you do it in style. Truly, anytime is a good time to plan an escape to Humphreys. Any season, any reason, Humphreys is here for the good times.