Hello From Your Humphreys Team #HumphreysFromHome

Most of the country is now under lockdown orders due to coronavirus, and you may be going stir-crazy while you wait to be able to travel again. With the temporary closure of our property, our team members here at Humphreys Half Moon Inn understand that feeling, as they are doing their part to social distance by staying home and staying healthy. That being said, we miss all of our guests and can’t wait to get back to the hotel and see you all again!

In the meantime, we want you to know we are thinking of you, wanted to check-in and send our love. A few of our staff members have shared how they are keeping busy while self-isolating, while others sent in their favorite Humphreys memories, and shared how they are doing their parts to give back to their community.

A company is nothing without its employees and nothing without our loyal guests, and we hope you enjoy this little bit of Humphrey’s from Home. Come over and say hello to us on our social media pages to stay in touch or tag us at #halfmooninn! Don’t forget, even though we are apart, we are all in this together.


Sarah Stinson, Sales Department & Lyn Byles, Humphreys Restaurant Server

Sarah and Lyn both are doing their parts to give back to our local communities during this time. Here they are donating blood, platelets and red blood cells at San Diego Blood Bank. Thank you both!


Tom Essa, Humphreys Restaurant Manager

Tom, one of our restaurant managers and a talented drummer, sends his best wishes and shares with us how he has been keeping busy while isolating at home: “Drums and guitar, hours a day on both, daily yoga, meditation and exercise. I’m going to return to Humphreys in the best shape of my life…physically, mentally and spiritually! This sunshine really makes me miss Humphreys. There’s nothing like walking the property on a beautiful Spring day, especially a concert day, and taking it all in. We are truly blessed to work where we do. Stay well. Tom.”

Sergio Davies, Humphreys General Managers & JJ and Zazu, resident parrots



We know everyone is wondering…but what about JJ and Zazu?? Who will care for them while the hotel is closed? No need to worry. Our General Manager, Sergio, is making sure JJ and Zazu are well looked after. Maybe we’ll check-in with them soon over on our social channels!


Michelle Neill, Front Desk and Night Audit

Michelle wanted to share some of her favorite memories from the past years of working here at Humphreys. We hope some of these memories bring a smile to your face. Share your favorite memories with us at #HalfMoonInn and we’ll re-share to our stories!

“Some team members dressed up for Halloween, 2018.”

“Purple sunset, taken from the parking lot, and an early morning picture, attracting seagulls with my breakfast after night audit.”

“From the Violent Femmes concert with X (here at Humphreys). One of the crew members needed my help multiple times throughout the night (making copies of the set list, etc). To thank me, he brought me this pin from the merch booth. It was my favorite concert night ever, (friendly guests, great crowd, an amazing performance from what I could hear, awesome crew) and I still have this pin in the packaging.”

“July 22, 2019, a misty rainbow over the city just before it got dark.”


Robin Torre, Director of Sales,  Turkey & Tofu Meat Recipe- TRY AT HOME!

Robin, our Director of Sales has put together a special recipe for our guests to enjoy making from home. Are you game to give it a shot? Tag us in your photos at #HalfMoonInn and show us our they turned out!

“I made up this recipe when my kids were little and they LOVED them so much they didn’t care they were ½ tofu!  I have been asked to share this recipe a lot.  Now it may sound crazy but it is really good, I promise.  It is low fat and super moist and reheats in the microwave really well.” 


  • One package ground turkey
  • One package firm or extra firm tofu thoroughly pressed/squeezed.  Get as much moisture out as you can
  • One dry package of ranch dressing
  • One raw egg
  • One cup Italian seasoned bread crumbs


In a large bowl crumble tofu as fine as you can. Add everything else and mix well…(Robin suggests mixing with your hands works best…)

You can make ground meat, patties or meatballs.  I typically do meat balls.  It is good to refrigerate the mix for a while to make it less sticky and easier to work with.  You can fry them or cook them in a 400 degree oven on sprayed foil (for easy cleaning) and spray the meat balls for a bit more browning color. For golf ball sized meat balls cook for about 15 minutes, turn over and cook for another five. Since it has turkey it needs to be cooked thoroughly.

“I hope you like it.  You can freeze them once cooked too.”


We hope you enjoyed a little bit of #HumphreysFromHome, please head to our social channels and tag us in any memories you have from Humphreys vacations. We will continue to bring Humphreys and San Diego to your homes, including virtual tours from local San Diego attractions, personalized hotel Zoom Backgrounds, hotel views, and more on our website, so stay tuned!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon.