San Diego's Piers

5 Best Piers in San Diego

There’s something to be said about being able to take a sunset stroll next to the beach and (almost literally) walk on water. Piers are perfect for strolling, sunset watching, bicycling, and slurping that last summer ice cream cone. The ocean pier is ubiquitous to the Southern California coastline. Jutting out far into the sea, they’re the perfect vantage point for admiring the coastline and the expansive Pacific Ocean. Here are some of the best places to see the ocean from a “pier’s eye-view”.


Ocean Beach Pier

While somewhat crowded on beautiful days, this pier in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego is the perfect place to catch some rays and feel the sea breeze in your hair. The end of the pier is T shaped, meaning you can walk parallel to the coastline. Fun fact, it is the longest pier on the west coast!


Pacific Pier

Also known as the Crystal Pier, be sure to check out the beach chic cottages and hotel along the pier, giving it the beach town vibe that is so ingrained into San Diego. Stick around for a while and you might even see surfers catch the wave break near the pier.


Imperial Beach Pier

Located in the Imperial Beach neighborhood, this pier is the southernmost pier on the US West Coast. Home to the Outdoor Surfboard Museum, plus a heavy presence from actual surfers catching the latest waves, the distinctly casual vibe of this pier is perfect for a lowkey morning or afternoon stroll.


Oceanside Pier

The perfect Pier to end a busy day in San Diego. Catch the sunset, watch the last of the surfers make their final wave runs, and wash it all down with classic American diner fare at Ruby’s Diner.


Shelter Island Pier

Just steps from Humphreys Half Moon Inn is the Shelter Island Pier, located on the calm waters of the San Diego Bay. Known for plentiful fishing, and the hidden dining spot Fathom Bistro, it’s the perfect spot to head out of your guest room for a stroll.