Ring in Your San Diego New Year’s Eve at Humphreys

As the calendar turns on another year, Humphreys Half Moon Inn invites hotel guests and locals alike to bid adieu to 2023 in style. Offering two distinct events to usher in 2024, Humphreys promises a night of indulgence, entertainment, and celebration by the tranquil waters of Shelter Island. Whether you’re looking for more of an “elegant affair” or prefer to dance the night away at a party for the ages, our hotel is the place to be for NYE! Here’s what’s happening at our annual spectacular San Diego New Year’s celebrations.

“Let’s Celebrate” at Humphreys SoCAL Dining & Music

For those seeking an elegant soirée to welcome 2024, “Let’s Celebrate” at Humphreys SoCAL Dining & Music is the epitome of sophistication. Humphreys upscale waterfront restaurant will set the stage for a night of culinary delights, live music, and dancing beneath the stars.

The evening begins with a four-course waterfront dinner crafted by the culinary maestros at Humphreys SoCAL Dining & Music. Each course will be a masterpiece complemented by carefully curated wine pairings, setting the tone for a night of indulgence.


To accompany the festivities, the night comes alive with the soulful tunes of the Mercedes Moore Band. Renowned for their captivating performances, the band will take guests on a musical journey that spans genres and gets everyone on their feet. You’ll dance the night away surrounded by the gentle sounds of the waterfront.

As the clock nears midnight, the atmosphere will transform into a lively celebration. Expect special party favors as the clinking of champagne glasses reverberates through the air. The champagne toast, a symbol of hope and new beginnings, marks the arrival of 2024 in spectacular style.

Looking to turn the celebration into a luxurious overnight getaway? Humphreys Half Moon Inn offers an overnight hotel package to accompany the event. This exclusive deal includes two tickets to the “Let’s Celebrate” event, room accommodations for two, a sumptuous breakfast buffet on New Year’s Day, a complimentary resort fee, and the luxury of a late check-out. It’s an all-encompassing package that ensures a seamless transition from the revelry of the night to the comfort of a waterfront retreat.


“Dance into 2024” at Humphrey’s Backstage LIVE

If your idea of welcoming the New Year involves partying the night away in a lively and energetic atmosphere, “Dance into 2024” at Backstage LIVE is the bash for you. This event — hosted in Humphreys’ vibrant lounge — promises a night of banging beats, live music, and a jubilant crowd ready to usher in the New Year with style.

The highlight of the night will be the live performance by Detroit Underground, a premier party band known for their infectious energy and ability to keep the dance floor alive. As the night progresses, the crowd will become one with the music, reveling in the joyous atmosphere that permeates our lively club-style space.


Party favors will add a touch of flair to your New Year’s Eve ensemble, and the midnight champagne toast is set to provide the perfect moment to raise a glass to the memories of the past year and the promises of the one ahead.

For those who wish to extend the celebration into a restful retreat, the overnight hotel package for “Dance into 2024” offers an enticing opportunity. This package includes two tickets to the event, accommodations for two, a delectable breakfast buffet on New Year’s Day, a complimentary resort fee, and the luxury of late check-out. It’s the ideal way to seamlessly transition from the rhythm of the dance floor to the tranquility of a waterfront haven.


Welcome 2024 at Humphreys Half Moon Inn

Whether you opt for the refined elegance of “Let’s Celebrate” at Humphreys SoCAL Dining & Music or the lively ambiance of “Dance into 2024” at Backstage LIVE, Humphreys promises a San Diego New Year’s Eve to remember. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of Shelter Island and the magic of a new beginning. Cheers to welcoming 2024 with style, and the warmth of San Diego’s coastal hospitality!