How to Plan The Perfect Work-Cation In San Diego

Remote work may have taken off out of necessity in the last few years, but there’s certainly been a big silver lining nobody saw coming. Many of us have come to realize that as long as we can work from anywhere, then why not do so from EVERYWHERE? The widespread availability of mobile internet access, compact computing, and teleconferencing apps has given rise to an entirely new class of mobile worker — one who travels the country (or even the world!) while still maintaining peak productivity. And since we’re of the firm belief that there’s no better place to live and work than here in San Diego, here’s a handy overview on how to join the “have laptop, will travel crowd” at our waterfront paradise. Read on for some tips on how to become a digital nomad and turn WFH (work-from-home) into WFH (work-from-hotel)


First: Adjust Your Mindset

Becoming a blended travel worker isn’t as simple as loading up a backpack and striking out. The travel work lifestyle represents a big realignment of priorities. Will you be going fully mobile, or only hitting the road for a month or two here and there? Will family, pets, or even plants feel your absence? Will you be maintaining a permanent residence while you travel, or leaving it all behind? Just be certain you know what you’re capable of and what you aren’t before you commit.  


Make a Plan

Routine is safe and predictable. A nomadic lifestyle is anything but. Life on the road can — and will — throw all kinds of unexpected curveballs your way. The key is to plan ahead,  especially if your goal is to set up camp in hotels along your route. It’s a good idea to make reservations well in advance and prioritize accommodation options that have the amenities you’ll need to succeed (e.g., Wi-Fi access, on-site dining, dedicated work spaces, etc. *cough, Humphreys*). Plus, sometimes flights can be canceled, flat tires pop up at the worst moments, and getting lost in unfamiliar territory is always a possibility. So planning ahead and having contingency plans is always crucial. *Making the most of a work-cation, also means planning your leisure time in advance. Get tickets to everything ahead of time (attractions, special events, dining)- so you can close your laptop at 4:59p and be on your way to happy hour at 5 on the dot!


“Office” Hours Tips

In order to maintain a feasible work-on-the-road life, you want to gain trust from your higher-ups. You want to show that you can be productive from anywhere, and that doesn’t mean necessary within the confines of an office cubicle. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some work-life balance! Here are some tips to make the most of your workcation during the hours of 9-5p! 

  • Change your scenery! If you’re working from our hotel (or any hotel), take your laptop to your guest room balcony, the pool deck, or restaurant patio. Who needs a tropical home screen when you can get those views in real time?
  •  Plan your conference calls around your travel schedule. If your team is on the West Coast and you’re visiting the East,  enjoy a slower morning with a brunch before calls, or a quick morning run while your office mates are waking up!
  • If you’re on a workcation with family- schedule your important calls from the room while your family is enjoying time at the pool- there will be fewer distractions, because let’s be honest, we’re still working here, even if you can hear the ocean waves in the background!


Choose Humphreys As Your Waterfront Office

The life of a digital nomad takes many forms. That’s why Humphreys Half Moon Inn has gone to such great lengths to be a productivity-friendly environment! While working from here, you can enjoy a tropical-style escape at our island oasis, all without depleting your PTO.

If you need to switch up your environment, we’re just minutes from fantastic coffee shops and co-work spaces (like Better Buzz Coffee and Moniker General). Of course, thanks to our in-room desks and property-wide internet, you don’t need to go too far to get it all done. You can work in your room, by the pool, or even at our in-house restaurant, Humphrey’s SoCAL Dining and Music. Plus, when it’s time to clock out? You can walk right over to our lounge for live music and happy hour! We’re also close to incredible attractions, great restaurants, or even just a leisurely stroll along the marina.       

Looking for a great place to check in, log your hours, and then enjoy the many benefits of making the world your office? Then take a look at our Midweek Special Rate Offer, and let us know when you’d like to be our guest!