A Visual Tour of San Diego Scenery

San Diego is a truly special place. There are many reasons for this — including a fantastic food culture, amazing people, and incredible attractions. But one of the biggest reasons is the city’s undeniable beauty. This is one of the most inspiring destinations not just in the country, but in the world. For starters, the city is soaked in SoCal sunshine. We can lay claim to more than 70 miles of beaches. We have majestic sandstone cliff faces, rolling meadows, lush forests, and even mountains within a stone’s throw of us. There are awe-inspiring views everywhere you look. If you’re planning a visit, keep reading for an overview of the most awe-inspiring vistas that San Diego’s scenery has to offer. 

Sunset Cliffs (2.1 miles away)

As you can surely guess from the name, there may be no better spot on the West Coast to catch a majestic sunset than Sunset Cliffs. Despite the name, this spot is jaw-dropping any time of day. Edged by magnificent sandstone cliffs, the area is adjacent to a 68-acre park overlooking one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire state. And of course, once the sun begins its journey beneath the horizon of the Pacific, you’ll begin to see why this spot earned its name.

Photo credit: @therealjbowen

Cabrillo National Monument (4.7 miles away)

As one of San Diego’s most popular attractions, Cabrillo National Monument is an undeniable must-see. Overlooking the cliffs of the Point Loma Peninsula, the monument affords visitors one of San Diego’s most breathtaking panoramic views. From here you’ll be able to take in the entire downtown skyline, as well as the mountains just behind it. When visiting, don’t miss the historic museum, lighthouse, or the statue of Juan Rodriguez Castillo, one of the first Spanish explorers to visit the region in the mid-1500s. 

Photo credit: @gate2adventures

Embarcadero Park and Marina (6.6 miles away)

San Diego’s Embarcadero hugs the west edge of downtown, on the northeast side of San Diego Bay. It’s an utterly gorgeous stretch of land that includes lush, green waterfront parks, The Maritime Museum of San Diego, as well as the USS Midway Museum and Star of India. The immediate area is also brimming with unique shops, fine-dining restaurants, and other attractions. Don’t miss a visit to the charming and picturesque Seaport Village while there.

Photo credit: @tasty_phtos_

Mount Soledad (10 miles away)

Standing tall above nearby La Jolla is Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial. It’s a quick walk to the top, and once there, you can gaze across miles of coastline, San Diego landmarks, and the Pacific Ocean as far as the eye can see. Be sure to bring your camera! Not only is the surrounding area absolutely breathtaking, but sunsets just seem to last longer up here. You’ll watch all the colors of evening spread out over a panoramic view of the entire city.

Mount Soledad in San Diego
Photo credit: @_jaymanning_

Coronado Ferry Landing (10.2 miles away)

Coronado Island sits right across the bay from us, so it’s just a quick ferry ride away. It only takes about 15 minutes, costs less than $5, and comes and goes several times throughout the day — and it’s certainly worth the trip! There are few places to get a better look at the city’s impressive downtown skyline than from here. There’s simply not a bad vantage point if you want to get an eyeful of architecture. If you’re more of a nature buff, the beaches and surrounding landscape offer lots to love as well. 

Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier (12.5 miles away) 

The iconic Scripps Pier is not only one of La Jolla’s most photographed landmarks, but it’s also a vital research facility at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. While walking the pier is normally off-limits to anyone outside of the institute, the Birch Aquarium now offers an exclusive tour, Sunset Scripps Pier Walk, where visitors can learn more about the wildlife, scoop up plankton, and ask the experts questions. Plus, if you catch it at the right time of year, the sunset aligns perfectly in the center of the pier creating the perfect photo-op.

Photo credit: @scrippspier

Torrey Pines State Reserve (17.2 miles away)

A stunning stretch of unspoiled land not far from the city, 1,500-acre Torrey Pines Reserve is one of San Diego’s favorite outdoor spaces, and for good reason. It’s home to the namesake Torrey pine — one of only two places in the world you can see this species of tree. The reserve also encompasses miles of hiking trails, a variety of plants and wildlife, and some of the most stunning ocean views anywhere on the West Coast. Prepare to be amazed.

Photo credit: @windanseadesigns

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