Planning an Event at San Diego Meeting Venues

There’s nothing quite like a business event to rally the troops and get everyone in the mindset for maximum productivity. Convening for a get-together is also always a great way to forge new professional relationships and strengthen existing ones. And while it’s no secret that 2020 was a challenging year to hold in-person events, gatherings are poised to come back in a big way now that an end to the pandemic is on the horizon. So if you’re checking out San Diego meeting venues with an eye toward planning a corporate conference, expo, training session, convention, or other occasion, here are some tips for helping it go off without a hitch — as well as some trends to look forward to in the future of business travel.

Get a Head Start 

If you’re hoping to get a professional event on the books for 2021, a word of advice: You’re going to want to start planning immediately. There are multiple reasons for this. First, given the success of immunization efforts, the safety of gatherings has greatly improved. Second, since so many 2020 events had to be canceled or postponed, the demand for event spaces has risen quickly for 2021. This means that event planners will be trying to book twice as many events into about half as much time. Even now, available dates are filling quickly. So if you don’t want to postpone further, you’ll want to lock in your dates now. 

Be Flexible 

A timely event is always an enjoyable one, especially if it’s an annual occurrence that’s traditionally been observed on or near a specific date. But given increased levels of demand and reduced availability, it will absolutely be in your best interest to build in some wiggle room. For instance, if your annual all-hands meeting typically happens at the same time every year, you’ll ensure an equal opportunity for attendance (and a better shot at a desirable date) if you’re willing to bend a bit on the exact date or day of the week. So don’t be afraid to mix it up a little here and there. 

Focus on Wellness

If there’s any lesson that 2020 taught us, it’s that health is wealth. Because of this, more travelers are focusing on wellness travel this year. Spa escapes, relaxing getaways, and self-care are at the forefront of a lot of decision-making. Is there a lesson in there for event planners? There certainly is. By incorporating a wellness aspect into your meeting events and schedule, you can take the emerging sensibilities of your attendees into consideration. Why not offer a massage area? A smoothie station? Healthier dining options? Or even a scheduled group yoga session? Your guests will thank you.  

Stage a “Hybrid Event”

Advances in teleconferencing over the last decade gave rise to virtual events: online meetings that can be attended by anyone who can log in. Then in 2020, remote work became the norm. Now, as immunity rates rise, the “hybrid meeting” has become an increasingly popular amalgam of a virtual and in-person event. Hybrid meetings allow both live and online attendees alike to experience your conference, simply via different platforms. By setting up an event that offers all those interested a way to access your get-together and its content, you can ensure that nobody is left out.

Emphasize Experiences

Chances are far better than fair that your potential meeting attendees have felt a little cooped up over the last year. Far too many of us have spent our days hunched over keyboards and staring at screens for the last 12-14 months. So while it’s absolutely essential to keep the primary focus of your event firmly on business concerns, your attendees appreciate it if you build in some time to relax. Social hours, cocktail receptions, and even sanctioned area sightseeing outings to take in some local attractions are always good ideas sure to be welcomed by guests — even if we weren’t all coming off lengthy shelter-in-place orders.   

Select the Ideal Venue

Every successful event needs a perfect place to happen. Thankfully, Humphreys Half Moon Inn has every contingency covered. Our event spaces are highly adaptable for nearly any occasion up to 1,000 guests. We offer custom seating, exceptional catering options, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property, and even up-to-date audio/visual equipment for presentations, photo slideshows, and more. We’re also conveniently located near the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego International Airport (SAN), and all the city’s best attractions for when it’s time to sneak in a little downtime.

If your event could benefit from taking place in a space where the only thing that’s ever overlooked is the marina, then you owe it to yourself to reach out to the experienced event planners at Humphreys. We’ll happily help you set up your event for success.