Our Team Shares Their New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s is a time for us to reflect on who we have been the past year and look for ways we can become better versions of ourselves in the next — whether living by a specific value, developing a new hobby, or working towards a personal goal. Accordingly, as December 31 approaches, we’ve reached out and polled our staff members on their resolutions. Below, we share some responses from employees of Humphreys Backstage LIVE and Humphreys SoCal Dining & Music.

James O’Mahony, Bartender 

Bartender James O’Mahony has been working towards graduating from the Chula Vista Police Academy. His own New Year’s resolution is to excel in his studies and finish his program.

Matt Amuchasteg, Server 

Server Matt Amuchasteg, who is passionate about expressing himself, vows to spend time and energy pursuing one very important side project: “creating more music!”

Aurora Betha, Server

Aurora Betha, one of our cocktail servers, wishes to change her life in ways both big and small, as her resolutions are “to travel more” and “make my bed everyday.”

Daniel Altonaga, Barback

Barback Daniel Altonaga would like to improve his relationship with the planet itself. He vows to “be more environmentally conscious.”

Charles Rick, Lead Bartender

Charles Rick, Lead Bartender and surfer extraordinaire, intends to pass on some of his wisdom by teaching his son how to surf.

Alyssa Brislin, Server

Cocktail waitress Alyssa Brislin desires to treat herself more compassionately — to “be more self-loving.”

Dale Sommerfeld, Doorman

Dale Sommerfeld, our doorman, intends to work in new capacities with Humphreys and “serve in more areas on the property” — but also to increase time spent with family and serving the community.

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