Reden Ramos: A Star Among Chefs in San Diego

Catching Up With Chef Reden Ramos

Ask anyone at Humphreys Half Moon Inn what drives the behind-the-scenes camaraderie and passion that makes us such a special destination, and most will point to Chef Reden Ramos. The star of our food and beverage program, Reden’s background saw him hone his skills at The Del prior to joining us. We’re fortunate to have one of the most versatile chefs in San Diego to call our own. Learn about what inspires him, and take some inspiration for yourself when planning your next San Diego dining experience.

Describing his cooking style as “classic with a twist,” Reden was drawn to a culinary career by the influence of his mother’s family restaurant in the Philippines. Growing up surrounded by traditional Filipino cuisine, he received his professional training and went on to a lucrative career at The Del. Speaking of his time there, Reden reflects, “It taught me so many different ways to execute any dish in the simplest way.”

Consistency and a refusal to take shortcuts have been Reden’s hallmarks throughout his career. Finding the best quality products has long been another pillar of Reden’s food philosophy. The menus at Humphreys SoCal Dining & Music have the mark of a true master: “It’s what I’d cook for myself at home,” Reden says. When asked for a go-to-meal, Reden’s answer—braised oxtail in peanuts and achiote—evokes a mouthwatering, decadent experience. Over the years, however, he’s challenged himself to coax enticing flavors out of vegetarian dishes as well, gradually perfecting what he considers his signature dish. “With ravioli, the possibilities are endless,” he tells us, and we’ve got every reason to believe him.

Discover the tantalizing tastes of Reden’s San Diego cuisine and pay a visit to his vibrant kitchen while staying with us.