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Whale Watching in San Diego - Humphreys Half Moon Inn

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Whale Watching in San Diego - Humphreys Half Moon Inn

People love to play in San Diego's waters. Whether just dipping your toes into the water where the sand meets the ocean on one of our beaches, tackling the waves on a surfboard, or snorkeling in the clear waters of La Jolla, there are many ways to get into our water.

Of course, people aren't the only creatures who get into our water. You'll see fish on those snorkeling trips, and La Jolla Cove is home to many sea lions who enjoy resting at the base of the cliffs. To see the biggest creatures in our waters, head out on a whale watching cruise.

Whale watching cruises in San Diego offer the chance to see whales at any time of year. During the winter season, gray whales pass through California's waters on their great migration from Alaska to Mexico. From spring into the fall, the largest mammal on Earth, the blue whale, migrates through San Diego. There's also the chance of seeing other whale species, including humpbacks and orcas.

At any time of year, you may see large pods of dolphins. You may not be familiar with all our dolphin species; besides the smiling bottlenose, look for the sleek Pacific white-sided dolphin and the Risso's dolphin, whose scars tell of its battles with squids. The on-board marine biologists will make sure you know what you're seeing and help you understand the animals' lives.

Your enjoyment of sea life doesn't have to end when your whale watching cruise is over. Humphreys Half Moon Inn is less than 5 miles from SeaWorld, where you can see exciting animal shows and enjoy interactions with the animals. Then keep the water in view when you dine in our restaurant. Whether you want to spend all your visit on the water or see San Diego's other attractions, it's easy to get there from Humphreys.

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